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Articles and chapters


Stoner AM and Dahms HF (Forthcoming, 2023). Freedom and Heteronomy in the Anthropocene. Paragrana: International Journal of Historical Anthropology, Vol. 33.

Stoner AM (2022). Marx, Critical Theory, and the Treadmill of Production of Value: Why Environmental Sociology Needs a Critique of Capital. Current Perspectives in Social Theory: Society in Flux, Vol. 37. Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 89-110.

Johnson KE and AM Stoner (2021). Neoliberal managed care and the changing nature of social work practice: Exploring the relationship between authoritarianism and burnout among US social workers. Social Work & Social Sciences Review, Vol. 22.

Stoner AM (2021) Things are Getting Worse on Our Way to Catastrophe: Neoliberal Environmentalism, Repressive Desublimation, and the Autonomous Ecoconsumer. Critical Sociology 47(3): 491-506. 

Stoner AM (2020) Critical reflections on America’s Green New Deal: Capital, labor, and the dynamics of contemporary social change. Capitalism, Nature, Socialism.

Stoner AM and Melathopoulos AP (2018) Stuck in the Anthropocene: The problem of history, theory and practice in Jason W. Moore and John Bellamy Foster's eco-Marxism. In: Jan Jagodzinski (ed) Interrogating the Anthropocene: The Future in Question. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 105-132.

Bradford JH and Stoner AM (2017) The Treadmill of Destruction in Comparative Perspective: A Panel Study of Military Spending and Carbon Emissions, 1961-2014. Journal of World-System Research 22(3): 298-325

Stoner AM and Melathopoulos AP (2016) If climate “changes everything”, why does so much remain the same? The dynamic of capitalism and discontents around climate change. Logos: A Journal of Modern Society and Culture  vol. 14 no. 4.


Melathopoulos AP and Stoner AM (2015) Critique and Transformation: On the Hypothetical Nature of Ecosystem Service Value and its Neo-Marxist, Liberal and Pragmatist Criticisms. Ecological Economics (117): 173-181.


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Stoner AM (2014) Sociobiophysicality and the Necessity of Critical Theory: Moving beyond Prevailing Conceptions of Environmental Sociology in the USA. Critical Sociology 40(4): 621-642.


Stoner AM and Lybeck ER (2011) Bringing Authoritarianism Back In: Reification, Latent Prejudice, and Economic Threat. Logos: A Journal of Modern Society and Culture, volume 10, issue 3.  

Book reviews

Stoner AM (forthcoming) Review of Sociology in Post-Normal Times by Charles Thorpe. Critical Sociology.

Stoner AM (2018) Review of Blau, Judith The Paris Agreement: Climate Change, Solidarity, and Human Rights. Social Forces 97(1): 7.

Stoner AM (2017) "Thompson, M. J. The Domestication of Critical Theory." British Journal of Sociology DOI: 10.1111/1468-4446.12244. 

Stoner AM (2016) “Solidarity, Justice, and Incorporation: Thinking through The Civil Sphere.” Contemporary Sociology 45(5): 621-622.

Stoner AM (2012) "Luc Boltanski, On Critique: A Sociology of Emancipation." Catalyst: A Journal of Social Justice 2(1): 37-38.





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