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"The function of sociology, as of every science, is to reveal that which is hidden.” 
–Pierre Bourdieu, 1998
Teaching Interests:
  • Sociological Theory (Classical & Contemporary)

  • Environmental Sociology

  • Political Economy

  • Globalization

  • Social Movements

  • Social Justice & Social Change

  • Political Sociology

  • Race, Class, and Gender

  • Social Inequality

  • Social Problems

Courses developed and taught at Northern Michigan University (NMU):

  • Introduction to Sociology (SO101)

  • Environmental Sociology (Special Topics SO295)

  • Sociology of Food (SO120)

  • Social Class, Power, and Mobility (SO322)

  • Social Change (SO355)

  • Sociological Theory (SO422)

  • In addition, Dr. Stoner serves as the Director of NMU's Food, Environment, and Society program, which he founded in 2020.

Courses developed and taught at Salisbury University:

  • Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 101)

  • Social Movements (SOCI 320)

  • Theory I: Foundations of Sociological Theory (SOCI 421)

  • Political Sociology (Special Topics: Power and Society) (SOCI 301)

  • Sociology of Mental Health (SOCI 334)

  • Sociology of the Environment (SOCI 390)

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